Maritime cybersecurity solutions

Protecting all vulnerable entry points across the network of your vessel.

The heightened threat of targeted cyber attacks is prompting the maritime sector to look for ways to improve network security. It is becoming vital for operators to take a more integrated approach to cyber security, as cyber threats increasingly threaten vessels.


Perpetrators continue to device new ways to exploit the vulnerabilities of your network. Protecting critical infrastructures has become a crucial part of business continuity.

Port-IT has developed several highly optimized solutions that provide proactive protection of all vulnerable entry points across the network of your vessel, allowing you to focus on what is important – running your business.

Get the right level of protection for your vessel

Protect your network and all vulnerable endpoints with Port-IT’s specialized maritime security products, customized solutions managed easily from the Port-IT webportal. Check out the level of protection needed and contact us for a free demo or trial version. 

our cybersecurity solutions:
Portal Access
24X7 Priority SupportX
24X7 SupportXXXX
Security Operations Center actionsXX
Managed serviceXX
Antivirus & antispyware for the computerX
Update Status and OS Used with Portal accessX
Updates via emailXXXX
Updates via IPX
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Updates via email X X X X
Updates via IP X
IRIS cloud scanner X X
Remote configuration start functions X X
Asset management (Hardware, installed software, etc) X X
Dashboard and alerts X
Network discovery X
Rogue node alert X X
Risk assessment X X
Awareness training X X
Threat intelligence X X
Cyber news X X
Patch management X X
Secure status browser X X
Cyber call with your IT team and our SOC X X
Organization and vessel reporting (IMO2021) X X
Costs savings report X X
Bandwith usage X X
CMDB entries X X
Threat analysis X X
Networking and firewall (WAN failover etc.) X X
Intrusion prevention IPS X X
Application control X X
Gateway antivirus X X
Reputation enabled defense X X
Network discovery (Including IOT) X X
Network reports X X
Captive portal (Crew internet) X X + +
Advanced persistent threat blocker X X + +
Data loss prevention X X + +
Threat detection and response X X + +
DNS watch X X + +
Intelligent AV X X + +
Threat hunting X X + +
Pro-active cyber consult for network X X X
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