Orilla Mail

The last e-mail solution you will use

Orilla Mail was developed from the ground up as the last e-mail solution you will use. Orilla Mail is an independently developed e-mail solution that is not saturated with features you will never use. With a comprehensive list of core features such as POP3, SMTP IMAP & AFT the foundation on which Orilla Mail operates was built. This allows us to offer Orilla Mail at an astoundingly competitive price point.


Orilla Mail is the service that keeps your vessel safe from malicious atachments and combines all the required features in one product with the ability to use it on every data connection.


Only allowing messages that are important for your crew and your business

Worldwide multi-engine scanning is of utmost importance in the maritime market, an anti-virus vendor in China will more quickly protect its users against a virus that is built in China than against a virus that was built in the United States. This is not intentially, it is just the effect that time zone differences have.


One of the key features of Orilla Mail is its full integration with Port-IT’s IRIS service, IRIS will scan all incoming attachments with a multitude of award winning anti-virus software in order to reduce the possibility that an infection reaches the vessel to zero. IRIS was able to hold every possible virus infection that it scanned since February 2016. 

Orilla mail

Why choose Orilla Mail?

Low cost e-mail solution
Compatible with all airtime providers
Easy webportal control
Integrated with IRIS scanning service
Crew e-mail included free of charge
Free back-up of all incoming/outgoing e-mail traffic

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