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Port-IT LEO all-in-one connectivity solution – a fast and secure maritime connectivity service.  


Through extensive market research and recognizing the increasing demand for a consolidated and secure internet connection onboard, Port-IT has engineered an all-encompassing connectivity solution for vessels. This comprehensive package not only delivers high-speed internet access but also integrates tailor-made cybersecurity measures to ensure the safety of your connection. Furthermore, we take care of the complete management your vessel’s IT infrastructure.

This new offering streamlines your experience by providing a singular point of contact for connectivity, cybersecurity, and IT management needs onboard your vessel.

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What is LEO?

A LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite network consists of satellites orbiting the Earth at low altitudes, approximately between 180 and 2,000 kilometer (112 to 1,242 miles) above the surface. 

LEO networks offer advantages like low-latency communication, making activities such as online gaming and video calls smoother. They also provide high-speed internet services in remote areas and ensure global coverage. 

Despite potential downsides, LEO satellite networks are valued for their quick deployment capabilities and potential to bring affordable and accessible connectivity to various parts of the world. Popular LEO networks with Highspeed are Starlink and Eutelsats Oneweb.

The PORT-IT LEO all-in-one solution consists of: 



The high speed Internet connection in remote areas, ensuring global coverage.



Cybersecuring the LEO connection with our UTM services (either managed or unmanaged).



Remotely or onsite implementing, managing and monitoring the complete vessel’s IT infrastructure,

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A new Era in Space

Starlink's disrupive force in Maritime connectivity

Amidst the buzz around Starlink, it’s easy to focus solely on the competition between airtime vendors and Starlink. However, the ripple effect of Starlink reaches far beyond that.

The whitepaper provides a concise glimpse into the various domains where Starlink’s disruptive force is evident and will continue to gain prominence. 

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