Advanced Endpoint Protection


The maritime market is becoming an increasingly lucrative target for cyber criminals. Networks onboard a vessel now have more critical endpoints than ever, such as desktops, laptops, mobile and OT devices. And every endpoint can be a potential entry point for attacks, leading to security breaches. Endpoint security, or endpoint protection, protects these entry points from malicious attacks. 


What does Port-IT Vanir Endpoint do?

Blocking targeted attacks
Detecting cyber threats
Prevents network attacks and intrusions
Protects against ransomware attacks and botnet communication
Protects devices from malware
Scans the network for devices
Able to block websites, devices and applications.
Proactive alerts to cybersecurity incidents
Features anti-virus and anti-spyware engines

Easy implementation and 24/7 secured by our SOC

Installation can be done remotely by our support department and has a quick an easy implementation. Our Vanir Endpoint security software is 24/7 monitored by our SOC center and will act when malicious activities occur on the device. Dedicated personnel can receive reports and alerts notifying everything what happens on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Key components

Explore a few of Vanir Endpoint’s key components. Check out the full list of features here

Endpoint security combines various attack prevention, detection, and response technologies with intelligent services to form an advanced platform that effectively helps shipping companies: Prevent, Detect, Disrupt, malicious attacks before they cause any major damage.

The scanning and monitoring module detects other devices on the local network that do or do not have Vanir Endpoint installed. Detailed information such as installed programs, running processes and hardware are logged and sent to the shoreside webportal. Our security operation center will keep track on all suspicious activities registered by our software.

Using the data collected via the asset management module, a risk assessment can be performed to assist in IMO 2021 compliancy. The risk assessment will include all devices connected to the IT network and the information of the designated IT responsible person or entity.

A full report can be created on the vessel, containing a record of all devices connected to the network, the hardware and the software that is installed on these endpoints. This report can be handed over to port state control or other authorities to show the vessel has taken adequate steps to minimize the cyber security risks on board, and therefore complying to the IMO regulations.

The automated vulnerability scanning feature provides an additional layer of security to stop threats from out-of-date operating systems and applications, and shows the status of its endpoints, subscriptions, vulnerability & patch statuses.

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Vulnerability Management

Vanir Endpoint is updated with a Vulnerability Management feature. This add-on will enable maritime organizations to actively detect and address potential vulnerabilities in the software that they use, therefore strengthening its cyber resilience at sea. 

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Feature highlight:
Crew awareness training module

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Port-IT webportal

All components and features within Vanir Endpoint can be configured and customized by onshore staff, using the Port-IT webportal.

Logs & reports

Save time with automated reports. View reports and logs safely online

Crew awareness training module

Included in the software is a sophisticated cyber awareness training; your first line of defense.

Security dashboard

Extensive, yet easy to use dashboard giving you a quick overview of the security status. It also gives an insight into the actions by the Security Operations Center.

IT Policy

Custom IT policies templates at your disposal

Secure status browser

A quick overview of your fleet’s security status

Bandwidth usage

Shows the data consumed by the application

vanir packages

For the best viewing experience, we recommend accessing the comparison table on a desktop computer. Layout and functionality may be limited on mobile devices.

Portal Access
24X7 Priority Support X
24X7 Support X X X X
Security Operations Center actions X X
Managed service X X
Antivirus & antispyware for the computer X
Update Status and OS Used with Portal access X
Updates via email X X X X
Updates via IP X
Explore solution Explore solution Explore solution Explore solution Explore solution

Updates via email X X X X
Updates via IP X
IRIS cloud scanner X X
Remote configuration start functions X X
Asset management (Hardware, installed software, etc) X X
Dashboard and alerts X
Network discovery X
Rogue node alert X X
Risk assessment X X
Awareness training X X
Threat intelligence X X
Cyber news X X
Patch management X X
Secure status browser X X
Cyber call with your IT team and our SOC X X
Organization and vessel reporting (IMO2021) X X
Costs savings report X X
Bandwith usage X X
CMDB entries X X
Threat analysis X X
Networking and firewall (WAN failover etc.) X X
Intrusion prevention IPS X X
Application control X X
Gateway antivirus X X
Reputation enabled defense X X
Network discovery (Including IOT) X X
Network reports X X
Captive portal (Crew internet) X X + +
Advanced persistent threat blocker X X + +
Data loss prevention X X + +
Threat detection and response X X + +
DNS watch X X + +
Intelligent AV X X + +
Threat hunting X X + +
Pro-active cyber consult for network X X X
Vulnerability Management (software) X  √ X
Explore solution Explore solution Explore solution Explore solution Explore solution


VANIR ENDPOINT: IMO 2021 compliant

As from 2021, shipping companies have a legal obligation to comply with the security requirements as described in the IMO 2021. Compliance will depend on having the right risk management, infrastructure and procedures in place onboard and ashore to deal with cyber risk issues.

The IMO is based on 5 security elements: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover. All features within Vanir Endpoint will help cybersecure your vessel and at the same time ensure IMO 2021 compliancy. Here you can learn more about IMO 2021 (verwijzing naar IMO pagina)

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