Crew wifi

A reliable WiFi experience on board

Crew WiFi is a ‘plug & play’ solution that will function with any airtime provider. It offers a fully shore-manageable web portal that provides the ship management with a wide array of options to tailor the device to the needs of every vessel.


Crew WiFi can be installed by crewmembers and allows them to connect their own devices – this saves time and resources spent on installing and maintaining dedicated crew computers. It can be managed with an easy-to-use shore-based web portal, facilitating a status report of all the routers connected, including the data usage of each of the vessels.


Crew WiFi is a highly scalable, low cost solution. Crew members can easily connect their own wireless access points to extend the range of the device, such as their mobile phones – every wireless access point is compatible.

Allowing your crew to stay in touch with family and friends back home. Wherever, whenever.

Easy user data and/or time recharging through web portal
Highly compressed web traffic
Web filtering options
Easily configure user data/time allowances through web portal
Quick and easy wireless internet access
Administration portal
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