Crew wifi

A reliable WiFi experience on board

Port-IT Crew WiFi is a highly scalable, airtime independent Wi-Fi solution, enabling shipowners to provide WiFi service onboard a vessel of any size, easily, affordably, over the web. Shipowners get the flexibility to offer free or paid Wi-Fi services towards their crew members. Port-IT Crew WiFi is a plug and play device that can be connected directly to a VSAT or Fleet Broadband terminal and doesn’t need any configuration onboard.


Crew members can install Crew WiFi and connect their own devices themselves – this saves time and resources spent on installing and maintaining dedicated crew computers. Crew WiFi offers a fully shore-manageable web portal facilitating the ship management a wide array of options, such as status report of all the routers connected, including the data usage of each of the vessels.

Allowing your crew to stay in touch with family and friends back home. Wherever, whenever.

Easy user data and/or time recharging through web portal
Highly compressed web traffic
Web filtering options
Easily configure user data/time allowances through web portal
Quick and easy wireless internet access
Administration portal
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