Virtual Engineer

24/7 online technical support

Minor computer issues can occur at any time. A program might start misbehaving or settings might be lost. Some of these cases can be solved by the crew, but if the issue proves more difficult than expected the next option available is often to have an engineer board the vessel to resolve the issue. Seeing as many issues can be solved within minutes by the engineer, when presented with only those two options, getting an engineer to board can seem expensive. On the other hand, if the problem is not solved in a timely manner it could hinder the crew in daily operations which in turn could lead to loss of revenue.

Port-IT now presents a middle ground where many issues can be resolved without having an engineer board the vessel physically: Virtual Engineer.

What is virtual engineer?

The Port-IT Virtual Engineer service consists of a kit containing an easy to install, fully pre-configured 4G USB Modem and NSDG SIM card that will enable a Port-IT Engineer to connect to the computer that is having problems in most ports around the world. 


Combined with a short-term service contract this enables the Port-IT support crew to diagnose and resolve issues on the system without having to board. Even in the case the issue cannot be resolved remotely and a visit from an engineer is required, visit times will be reduced significantly by diagnosing the issue remotely before attendance.


Virtual engineer


Lower IT-Maintenance costs due to less on-site visits
Easy to use and easy install
Shorter downtimes
An IT-engineer on standby 24/7
Higher operational availability

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