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Port-IT Antivirus is a customized maritime anti-virus solution, customized with a specially designed update process, a vessel based license management system and full customer control via the online management portal. The Antivirus portal shows all relevant information of the installation, guaranteeing you a great degree of control over the system security.


Port-IT Antivirus uses the best anti-virus software available on the market for vessel systems, as well as the most reliable clustered server systems for the services provided to our clients.

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Every day over 250.000 new unique viral threats are discovered!

The increasing threat of targeted cyber-attacks is forcing the maritime sector to look for ways to improve network security. Protecting the critical infrastructure has become a part of business essentials, as perpetrators continue developing new ways to exploit the vulnerabilities of your network. The rise of malware with the motive of making a profit has spawned a new breed of malware, which is much more sophisticated than any threats encountered before. Designed to steal or corrupt your sensitive data or even rendering your system unusable, prevention of having these threats establish a hold on your systems is of the highest priority. In some known cases, businesses have never recovered from a cyber attack and have filed for bankruptcy as a direct result.

Key components

Proactive protection

Uses ESET’s Smart DNA signatures for its proactive detection – monitors malware behaviour and characteristics and stops it before any damage can be done, even if the threat has never been encountered before.

Precise detection

Offering accurate identification of known and unknown threats by using award winning ESET NOD32@. recognized for having no false positives.

Lightweight design

Requires very little memory and CPU power making sure your computer does not lose the current speed and leave more room for office work and E-mailing.

Fast scanning speeds

Highly efficient program ensuring fast file scanning and product updates. The process runs quietly in the background, only becoming noticeable when something out of the ordinary is happening..

Easy updating

Small sequential automatic updates of the virus database minimize network congestion and communication costs.

Unique license system

The service license management of your fleet is flexible and shore based, providing maximum use of your investment, perfectly able to adjust to your specific needs.

Remote view

Check the current health status of the Antivirus software via our online portal (no internet connection needed for the vessel).

Why choose Port-IT Antivirus?

Based on the best anti-virus protection system out there.
Market leading software within the Maritime industry.
Weekly updates to the engine and anti-virus definitions, without the need for CDs or any other large updates.

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