Safely connected at sea

Our mission, vision & values.

Marine cybersecurity

Our mission is to virtually safeguard ships and their crew members, ensuring vessel compliance and business continuity. With a team of dedicated and passionate people we are building a safer technological environment onboard any vessel.

We aim to achieve excellence, innovation, performance and the highest quality products and services in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.


Port-IT is lead by our 4S-concept on which we have built our company and based our activities:

Through a fine and practical balance of these concepts we are able to create our solutions, bring these as services to our customer, while building on standards that bring stability, security and sustainability.

In reducing the overall environmental impact through our daily work, helping to ensure a clean and healthy environment, we have adopted a wide spectrum of social and environmental prerequisites into our daily business practices, such as the purchase of electric cars, the use of solar panels, and our ‘think before you print’ policy.

Our customer value

Reliable & high quality

We offer complete network securitry and connectivity packages needed for your vessel and your crew members onboard.


We ensure client cost- and time efficient solutions to increase connectivity and cybersecurity onboard your vessel.

Fully manageable

Our onboard services are fully managed, delivering daily QA updates and monitoring the network health and situation onboard your vessel.

Custom made

Our highly optimized client solutions are customized to the maritime market and fully tailored to fit your changing needs.