Orila Lite

A low cost reliable communication network

Port-IT Orilla Lite provides a solution for everything needed to have your vessel’s communication network run in a professional, fast and controlled manner. Port-IT Orilla Lite provides a solid foundation on which to build your entire vessel’s communication network. While enforcing key network cyber security controls.


Designed to be compatible with all communication methods, current and future, it can provide excellent controlled connectivity to virtually all networks.


Orilla Lite was designed as a cost- and time-efficient solution for vessels that wish to improve the connectivity and cybersecurity onboard their vessels, without having to make large investments.

orilla lite featuring:

Patch management

The patch management component of Orilla Lite allows the user to update and patch the Operating Systems and applications used on board. Updates are redistributed using the network so they only have to be downloaded once on every vessel, saving you bandwidth and airtime costs.

Remote desktop management

The remote desktop gateway facilitates a connection to each vessel’s devices using a variety of standard network protocols, enabling better security and more control over all systems on board.

Shoreside webportal

Orilla Lite makes use of an easy to understand web portal to manage all functionalities, no advanced management infrastructure is needed onboard the vessel to implement the service.

a comparison: orilla vs orilla lite
Orilla Orilla Lite
Managed window server for your vessel that gives the user the possibility to control the network
File storage
Full redundant backup solution for all vessels’ networked PC’s
Antivirus for all vessels’ PC’s
UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution
Backup communication PC always available via Orilla Mail
Fully managed by Port-IT
3 year warranty on the hardware
Remote desktop management
Patch management
Webportal to manage software components
Orilla Lite - safely connected at sea

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