How to improve your network

With only a few simple steps to take

As vessels are moving objects implementing IT is always a challenge as the networks need to be managed remotely, but the challenge is also to fit to the budget. However, for a fully secured network, the costs do not have to be huge. Often servers are brought into the setup process which require significant investments. Although a server is not a bad idea – in general it will indeed bring those extra costs. So how can you start with a proper network without a server? Is it difficult? Well actually, it’s not. 

Only a few simple steps can improve your network security and IT management significantly:

Make sure you are on a supported Operating System, such as Windows 10, 11 etc.
Make sure that you update your Operating system as often as possible but at least every three months.*
Create an Administrator account and a normal User Account.
Restrict the User account so the user can only carry out the tasks needed: start an application, print etc. **
Keep the Administrator account password secret.
Keep the Configure your endpoint solution such as Fleet Secure Endpoint or Vanir to have anti ransomware setup enabled.***

Above steps for network configuration and setup can be done against low costs but at the same time raise the security level of your network. This example is for an average vessels network of 7 PC’s in a workgroup. If you would like assistance in the setup of your network please feel free to contact us.

Only a few simple steps can improve your network security and IT management significantly:

If you really want to go all the way we recommend to use the Network Infrastructure Security Guidance by the National Security Agency which you can download here:

Front cybersecurity technical report2

* Use WSUS to control data.

** Use windows policy editor to restrict users or use applications such as Privileged Access Management so that you can remotely grant user to install software for a limited time. 

*** When applying this configuration which can be done remotely the security settings are hardened to prevent malicious programs to start programs by themselves. 

How to improve your network with only a few simple steps