And so are we.

It all began in January 2007 when Port-IT was founded and a logo was created to reflect the company and what it does, providing IT on vessels worldwide. 15 years have passed and we felt that the logo no longer reflected our true identity as we do so much more.


When we started our goal was always to protect vessels, over the years we have been doing that to over 7000 vessels worldwide. Every product we create has cybersecurity as a key component no matter which service it is from Crew Wi-Fi to Orilla mail, all have a cyber secured layer in their foundation. Having this as our backbone we have been operating in the cyber security area since the beginning thus reflecting more that of what we do is not a bad thing and we should be proud that we have come this far and more is ahead. 


It will take some time before our new branding will enter all of our products but eventually you will see that we have changed. One thing that won’t change is that service and support is still our first priority. The new branding better represents who we are and what we try to achieve day by day, making and keeping you safely connected at sea.