‘Cyber threats on the horizon’ – Last Dinosaur Podcast with Youri Hart.

By Christopher Aversano.


Set sail with us on the latest episode of ‘The Last Dinosaur – Maritime Shipping in the Digital Age‘. We’ve charted a course straight into the heart of cybersecurity in the maritime industry, guided by our esteemed guest, Youri Hart, CEO of Port-IT B.V.

In our digital era, maritime shipping grapples with unseen threats lurking beneath the waves of technology. The industry is weathering challenges from aging, vulnerable systems like Windows 7, even as new potential threats emerge with innovative technologies such as LEO satellites like StarLink. The current against robust cybersecurity measures runs strong, fueled by cost implications and a shifting regulatory landscape.

Our conversation with Youri Hart offers an enlightening look into the complexities that define cybersecurity in maritime shipping, from economic and regulatory perspectives to the captivating allure of a career in this dynamic field. Listen to the episode

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Listen to the podcast here

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