With proper network security you CAN foresee the future.


The maritime market is becoming an increasingly more lucrative target for cyber criminals.
Many large ship owners, agents and even vessels have been hit with cyber security breaches, losing countless hours and potential funds in the recovery process.

With the release of Vanir Port-IT revolutionize the maritime cyber security field. Offering a single package to cover all cyber security features needed for a vessel. All monitored, managed and maintained from shore. With Port-IT Vanir the new laws and regulations such as GDPR will be enforced on board the vessel, this enforcement guarantees the safe protection of personal data.

With Vanir Port-IT offers a full security package that can fit any vessel. Using the latest enterprise technology and adjusting it to the maritime market Port-IT has a solution that is suitable for any VSAT, GX or THOR 7 vessel.

Organizations can be

assessed a fine up to

€20 Million or

4% worldwide revenue

Key Features

The Port-IT Vanir package contains 3 major features. These major features have features in their own right below only scratches the surface of the features Vanir offers.

  • Vanir Complete network protection

  • Segmented Crew and business LAN.

  • Quality of Service rules allow guaranteed bandwidth for vessel critical network operations.

  • Packet Filtering – Automatically stops traffic from dangerous sources

  • Application control – Controls which applications can access the internet

  • Intrusion Protection Service (IPS) – Monitors traffic and system activities to prevent security breaches

  • Data Loss Protection – Prevent sensitive information being leaked outside your network.

Vanir Advanced Endpoint Protection

  • Daily Antivirus updates
    Quality Assured and tested by Port-IT’s own testing servers.  Advanced network protection including botnet detection.

  • E-mail client protection

  • Exploit blocking

  • Optional use of Orilla Mail to increase mail security and scan incoming emails with over 55 different antivirus products.

  • Threat detection and response agent will serve as an extra layer of protection on top of the antivirus. Enabling the PC with Multi engine scanning for threats.

Vanir Security Operations Center – Operated from a ISO certified facility

  • 24/7 monitoring by a certified network/security engineer.

  • 24/7 on-site security staff

  • All records from all parts of the Vanir package are logged and stored using ISO 27001.

All data is synced from vessel to shore using optimized software algorithms to ensure low data usage, giving more bandwidth to the vessel. Vanir offers an enterprise solution against a low monthly cost.

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