Port-IT launches Naval Wolf

A new Vulnerability Management service

Rhoon, 28-06-2024. Port-IT is thrilled to announce the launch of a new service in its cybersecurity portfolio: Naval Wolf Vulnerability Management. This service is specifically designed for the maritime industry, addressing the mandatory requirements of the new IACS E26 & E27 regulations for newly built vessels.

Given the increasing complexity of maritime cybersecurity threats, the need for comprehensive security solutions has never been more critical. Traditional security measures often fall short in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and notifying users about them. As vulnerabilities in software are increasingly discovered, it is crucial to detect and mitigate them early before they can be exploited.

What sets Port-IT’s Naval Wolf solution apart is its user-friendly data presentation and its ability to check for potential compliance issues with ISO, DIS, GDPR, and more. Our service scans both IT and OT environments to identify various types of vulnerabilities. Naval Wolf Vulnerability Management uses a wide variety of tools to thoroughly scan the vessels network. Like all services, it is managed via our web portal, allowing customers to use a single login to manage all their cybersecurity services. Additionally, our pricing model is based on a per-vessel cost, unlike other systems that often charge per device, making it easier for shipowners to predict implementation costs.

Our team has worked with great effort to ensure this service is tested and ready for use. With Naval Wolf Vulnerability Management, customers gain valuable insights into potential network issues, allowing them to address vulnerabilities before they lead to cyber incidents, ensuring a proactive approach to cybersecurity that safeguards their systems onboard, and at the same time comply with industry regulations for newly built ships IACS UR E26 and E27.


For more about Naval Wolf Vulnerability Management check out our Naval Wolf page.

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