PORT-IT introduces Vanir Entry UTM

A revolutionary cybersecurity solution enhancing maritime safety and efficiency.

Rhoon, 10-10-2023.  Port-IT is proud to announce the introduction of its Vanir Entry UTM Service for seagoing vessels. This innovative unmanaged solution marks a significant milestone in maritime cybersecurity, enhancing Maritime safety and efficiency while optimizing costs. 


In this era of higher speed internet connections, vessels are in high need of a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution. Vanir Entry UTM is an all-in-one cybersecurity service that combines several essential security features into a single solution to protect a vessels network – playing a vital role in scanning, detecting and obstructing potential malicious network traffic. Additionally, it facilitates seamless transitions from satellite connections to alternate options when connectivity is unavailable.

Shipping companies can now acces the cutting-edge Vanir Entry UTM technology without the need for large infrastructure investments or complex management systems. Vanir Entry UTM is a cost-effective alternative to the other Vanir UTM managed solutions Port-IT offers. This service provides a seamless solution that empowers ship operators to enhance safety at sea while reducing operational costs.

The Vanir Entry UTM provides advanced security and firewall features that can handle both high and low latency networks, which can easily be managed by the shipowner or even crew onboard. It seamlessly integrates with Starlink and all other LEO connections. SD-WAN is standard enabled, providing control for automatic switching to the best available connection. For customers who need a higher level of support, Vanir Entry can serve as a bridge to our full managed UTM service; Vanir Complete.


Vanir Entry UTM is a game-changer for the maritime industry. It empowers ship operators with the tools they need to enhance safety and streamline operations, against minimal cost. The service is now available for seagoing vessels worldwide. For more information and to request a demo, please visit https://www.port-it.nl/cybersecurity-solutions/vanir-entry.

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