Near Shore Data Grid

Port-IT offers a unique GSM 3G/4G subscription called NSDG, or Near Shore Data Grid.
It works hand in hand with our CIOS Pebble Router and provides a seamless and effortless saving of data cost. The only thing a master needs to do is steer the vessel to port safely.

The Pebble router will detect the 3G/4G signal, test the data quality and link, and switch the outgoing traffic from the expensive FBB or offline VSAT to the 3G/4G NSDG network. When leaving the 3G/4G coverage area, the Pebble router will redirect traffic again via the FBB/ VSAT automatically.

The NSDG Service covers all mayor world ports at competitive rates, including South Africa and 100% of Europe, UK, US and Asian ports; 135 countries in all. Simcards can be limited with data caps to allow a max usage of 250, 500, 750 or Unlimited MB per month.

NSDG is updated monthly to include new areas to cover, and to improve quality of the terrestrial links. This is done automatically, mutations are performed shore-side and do not require any changes to the SIM card or devices onboard: “No complexity, no curprises”.Business case studies showed vessels stay about 12 days a month in port or near shore on average.
During this time selected terrestrial networks included by the NSDG services can be used; no satellite traffic is necessary to make communications.The NSDG is charged monthly, post-usage, per vessel. There is no minimum NSDG subscription term.

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NSDG Explained