Orilla Mail

Orilla Mail

Port-IT is introducing Orilla Mail. Orilla Mail was developed from the ground up as the last E-mail solution you will use. For more than 15 years Port-IT has noticed the need of an independently developed E-mail solution that is not bloated with features you will never use to raise the license price. With a comprehensive list of core features such as POP3 and SMTP the foundation on which Orilla Mail operates was built. This allows us to offer Orilla Mail at an astoundingly competitive price point.

Orilla Mail was developed as an independent E-mail solution that gives you the power of choice. You are no longer tied to one airtime provider, Orilla Mail puts you in control. Featuring a fully featured portal web-interface you can manage the settings of Orilla mail per vessel or per fleet, enabling you to easily control the settings of the vessel/vessels you are managing.

Crew E-mail is standard included, no extra fee will be charged, and you won’t have to worry about extra costs. Allowing your crew to stay in contact with their family, leaving them and you content.

One of the key features of Orilla Mail features is full integration with our IRIS service, IRIS will scan all incoming attachments with over 55 award winning Antivirus software, offering your worldwide multi engine scanning

Worldwide multi engine scanning is of upmost importance in the maritime market, an Anti-Virus vendor in China will more quickly protect its users against a virus that is built in China than against a virus that was built in the United States. This isn’t on purpose, it’s just the effect that time zone differences have.

Although anti-virus vendors do deliver signatures during their local night-time, their detection database can be somewhat outdated as they may not necessarily be fully staffed at that time. The origin of the outbreak is also important; often the country or region where that virus was built is the region that it will be detected first. This also helps with zero-days. A zero-day in the Netherlands may have already been detected in China, with IRIS you can be protected against these kinds of threats.

Most maritime e-mail solutions cannot protect your vessel adequately against these kinds of threats as they are only using one scanning engine, see the example below of a popular maritime e-mail solution.


Port-IT IRIS in combination with our break recovery will ensure that E-mails will always safely reach the vessel. Port-IT possesses servers in multiple datacenters all over the world and ensures high availability for your communication.

Key features

  • Easily managed via the Port-IT webportal

  • Use rules to control traffic flow, which messages come in and which go out

  • Unlimited amount of mailboxes per vessel

  • Supports all E-mail clients

  • Crewmail included, free of charge

  • Break recovery and high availibility

  • IRIS integration, incoming email scanned using over 55 different antivirus products to eliminate all possible threats.

  • Low cost, low management email solution

  • Data connection independent, use it on any data connection you want. No vendor lock in

  • When available GPS position tracking of the vessel.

  • Automatic file transfer (AFT)

For more information about Orilla Mail please contact us.