IMO 2021 – Are you ready?

We are only a few months away before the IMO 2021 regulations come into effect. Have you thought of how to comply with these regulations on board of your vessel? Well, we have! Let us guide you through the process of becoming IMO 2021 compliant.

What is IMO 2021? 

BIMCO has issued guidelines on maritime cyber risk management, which have been incorporated into the IMO 2021. The guidelines provide high-level recommendations to safeguard shipping from current and emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities and include functional elements that support effective cyber risk management.

Basically; Identifying the IT connected devices, Protecting the IT network, Detecting any (possible) threats, Responding and/or acting to any threats and Recovering the network in case so required.

How to become IMO compliant 

We can help you in the process of becoming IMO compliant and at the same time, equally if not more important, protect your ship against cyber threats. The solution is VANIR- a powerful cybersecurity suite specially designed for ships. VANIR offers much more than your basic anti-virus. With multiple layers of security it bolsters full protection using different security features, including UTM. At the same time, it offers asset management and monitoring and visibility options. VANIR offers owners a scanning and record-keeping tool for complete documentation.


And it is just these additional features that ensure you are able to meet the IMO 2021 requirements!

Complete network control

Protecting your vessel against spyware and viruses, malicious apps and data leakage.

Advanced endpoint protection

ESET Endpoint Security offers advanced monitoring and manageability options.

Asset management & network control

Scanning and monitoring module detecting devices on local network that do or do not have Vanir.

24/7 logging & monitoring

Components are monitored and logged from the Port-IT security operations center.

Risk assessment

A risk assessment can be performed to assist in IMO 2021 compliancy.

For more information about IMO 2021 please check out the official IMO website: www.imo.orgFor more information about IMO 2021 and how Port-IT can assist you in becoming IMO compliant please contact our sales office.

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