How UTM and NDR complement each other

Add NDR to the UTM solution and your network is protected with the best cyber security tools against any cyber threat, whether this is an external attack or the threat comes from within the network itself.

Network Detection and Response is rapidly emerging as an essential tool in detecting suspicious network traffic that other security solutions miss out on.


Unified Threat Management (UTM) is the security solution that scans incoming and outgoing traffic for malicious attacks. It includes multiple security functions such as intrusion prevention, network segregation & control, advanced persistent threat detection and prevention of malicious traffic. Port-IT’s UTM service (VANIR) has the endpoint solution included which has services such as asset management, USB blocking, alerting and reporting, and a risk management module.


Network Detection and Response (NDR) is the security solution used to detect and prevent malicious network activity, investigate and perform forensics to determine root cause, and then respond and mitigate. Implementing NDR will give organizations the visibility into what is actually connected to the network IT/OT as well as all activities. In turn, this will enable security teams to identify and stop suspicious network activity rapidly and minimize its impact on daily business. Add NDR to the UTM solution and not only in and outgoing traffic will be scanned, but also the internal traffic between devices on a network. Which a UTM can not.

All are closely monitored by maritime trained certified network & security engineers in our 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center).


Below Infographic will show how the UTM and NDR can compliment each other.  

How UTM and NDR complement each other