Port-IT IRIS – Your last line of defense against e-mail threats


Earlier in 2016 Port-IT released Remote IRIS, an in-house developed, designed and built solution.

Remote IRIS is a sophisticated multi engine attachment scanner specialized in detecting zero-day viruses (Zero-day viruses are viruses that have not been detected by most Anti-Virus software) using more than 55 different Anti-Virus vendors all over the world. Port-IT quickly noticed that a more automated system was needed to offer even better protection to vessels as manually sending these files was not always done. We use these files to compare the results of IRIS and other known E-mail scanning solutions. IRIS is able to detect these viruses easily, every time. This shows the lack of protection a single scanner E-mail system has.

The IRIS scanners update multiple times a day, this in combination with the new automated implementations makes IRIS the best E-mail scanning solution on the market today.

But why use a multi-vendor approach, is one antivirus not enough?
The answer to that is not an easy yes or no.  

Worldwide multi engine scanning is of upmost importance in any market, an Anti-Virus vendor in China will more quickly protect its users against a virus that is built in China than against a virus that was built in the United States. This isn’t on purpose, it’s just the effect that time zone differences have.

Although anti-virus vendors do deliver signatures during their local night-time, they can run somewhat behind as they may not necessarily be fully staffed at that time. The origin of the outbreak is also important; often the country or region where that virus was built is the region that it will be detected first. This also helps with zero-days. A zero-day in the Netherlands may have already been detected in China, with IRIS you can be protected against these kinds of threats.

Using a broad spectrum approach of all these different Anti-virus Vendors we are doing everything we can to scan E-mails against the newest threats.  Since our clients vessels travel all over the world, and threats differ from one country to another, we need to incorporate many different local Anti-Virus vendors into one product to offer you the best protection for your vessels.

IRIS is offered in 3 different implementation methods, fitting any digital infrastructure already in place and will help sail your ship to the shore of digital security and beyond. In our production environment we noticed that for example only 5 of the 55+ anti-virus engines successfully detected a new zero-day virus.

This means that the products of more than 50 anti-Virus vendors did not successfully detect a threat, if that product was protecting your email providers email scanning you would have received the threat and when executed would have become the victim of a ransomware attack.

Since February of 2016 we have achieved a 100% detection rate of all ransomware. The implementation of IRIS can be very simple and ship owners using IRIS can be sure that they have done everything that is possible to prevent ransomware reaching their vessels computer network. IRIS is a unique system and is designed and built by Port-IT. For existing Antivirus customers of Port-IT and based on a fair use policy Port-IT IRIS is free to use.

If you would like to learn more about IRIS, please contact Port-IT at sales@port-it.nl.