Onboard ICT Services

Port-IT offers 24/7 comprehensive ICT support services onboard your vessel or office, 365 days a year.

Onboard Services

You can expect this support from us on maritime IT related issues such as SATCOM units, network troubleshooting, computer problems and much more. Our engineers are very well trained in maritime products and will solve the issues before your vessel leaves port. A service report describing the work that was carried out is written after every service rendered.

On request, Port-IT can also provide onsite assistance at a very short notice. In our direct working region we can supply a so called Quick Response Service; our location in Barendrecht allows us to reach the Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp harbour areas very fast.
Port-IT offers support contracts with a discount on future support requests.


Even if you have a wireless network, there are always cables. Most of our clients have a mix of both these days. But they all started the same way; with “cabling”.

Port-IT experienced cable installers can make all the difference. We know the sound ways of installation and we understand that cable is the backbone of your network. Especially onboard your vessel there is a lot of interference, which can result in poor performance and even stoppage.

We have the knowledge and the professional tools to get your cabling in place and working correctly. Port-IT is experienced in cabling on new as well as existing vessels.

All our network cabling is tested and approved by our Fluke network testing equipment to certify the network. Cat-5, Cat-6, fiber, voice, data and any other type of cabling; we have the experience and know-how to make sure your network cabling is reliable and robust.


Port-IT can supply any IT related product your vessels need, from a single PC mouse and more important computer hardware to a complete installed network and security products. Port-IT is your supplier for all of this. We supply multiple computer brands such as Dell and HP. Delivery of Firewalls from brands like Netgear and Juniper are also available, including their complete configuration.


Port-IT engineers are very proficient in implementing new email solutions onboard your vessels. We are well trained in the installation of AmosConnect, SkyFile Mail, Telaurus, Globe Mail, GT Mail and other email solutions.

Some of our engineers were actually involved in the creation of AmosConnect. Due to their experience and knowledge Port-IT knows exactly how to implement the most appropriate email suite onboard your vessel.


We can install different types of satellite terminals onboard vessels for you, like Iridium (Openport) and Fleet Broadband and connect them in the proper way with your computer network to ensure optimized email and internet traffic. Port-IT installs a variety of brands such as Furuno, Thrane & Thrane, JRC, Skipper, Satlink, etc. We are also able to advise you in the setup and configuration so that it meets your vessels requirements best.

Port-IT has a 100% success rate with the installation of satellite terminals and has done over 500+ Fleet broadband installations in the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.


RAMSAT is the brand name for a variety of products designed for the interface technologies offered by EOTECH.

The basic product line are terminal adapters (ISDN Modems) made to solve the problem of interfacing standard serial PC technology to the ISDN port typically found on an Inmarsat Fleet based terminal.

Fleet 77/55 terminals do not have an HSD port, rather data transfer is done via standard ISDN interface technology. Access to Fleet terminals is done via an ISDN S0 bus; RAMSAT ISDN Terminal Adapters are compatible to plug directly into this bus and offer the compatibility that other off the selves ISDN modem don’t have.