Port-IT Orilla

The shore bank of your IT network

Port-IT Orilla

Computer networks on board vessels are often unorganized and badly documented. The great variety of systems on board, fragmentation of different software systems and lack of documentation make troubleshooting a difficult and lengthy process.

Port-IT aims to solve this issue by introducing Orilla, the complete managed server solution designed specifically for use on board of seagoing vessels.

Port-IT Orilla provides a solid foundation on which to build your entire vessel’s communication network. Designed to be compatible with all communication methods, current and future, it can provide excellent controlled connectivity to virtually all networks. This includes Inmarsat’s new Global Xpress broadband network as Orilla can house the Soft Network Service Device (NSD) needed for Global Xpress.

Port-IT Orilla provides a complete solution for all things needed to have your vessel network run in a professional, fast and controlled manner, while ensuring all data is secure and back-upped.

Port-IT Orilla provides the following services:

  • Managed Windows server for your vessel that gives you the possibility to control the network
    Full control over all connected devices, a central server for all running services and program databases. The central server is running a redundant setup, ensuring that all services will remain available in the case of a hardware failure.

  • File Storage
    Central storage facility for all files used on board, making them available for every user that would need to access them. All files are stored in a redundant manner separate from the servers to ensure operational availability, even in the case of hardware malfunction.

  • Full redundant backup solution for ALL your vessels’ networked PCs.
    All on board systems will be fully back-upped to ensure that in case of PC hardware malfunction, no files are lost and the computer is up and running again with all files available once the pc is replaced or repaired.

  • Antivirus for all the vessels’ PCs
    All systems on board will be automatically protected by the industry-standard Port-IT Antivirus solution, providing excellent protection against virtually all digital threats

  • UTM (Unified Threat Management solution)
    Adding an extra layer of protection against Advanced Persistent Malware threats by implementing a range of extra security measures, including the new Port-IT IRIS maritime email Cloud-security.

  • State of the art firewall solution
    Fully configurable firewall solution with support for VPN, QoS, VLAN and connection failover for when the main connection is unavailable.

  • Backup Communication PC always available via Orilla Comms
    In a unique function, provided only by Port-IT Orilla, the Orilla Comms functions provides a fully configured backup-communication PC functionality. This ensures communication is always possible, even if the main communication PC is unavailable for any reason.

  • Fully Managed by Port-IT
    All services are fully managed by the skilled Port-IT engineers, ensuring that configuration is done professionally and any issue that pops up is resolved quickly and correctly.

  • 3 Year Warranty on the hardware

Port-IT Orilla is housed in a compact pre-configured 19” server cabinet which ensures all components are placed and secured correctly. All connections are pre-made and components are kept cool due to the efficient cabinet design. At the same time the cabinet is quiet enough to be placed on the bridge without being intrusive, but still easily accessible is the need arises.

Implementing the Port-IT Orilla solution will professionalize your On-board IT, leading to a faster, more reliable computer environment, while providing better security and more control over all systems on board. Updates and applications can be managed more thoroughly and nothing bar catastrophic hardware failure will affect the end-user work environment in any way or form.