Crew Wi-Fi

Crew Wi-Fi

Port-IT uses the latest cutting edge technology in Wi-Fi Captive portal management to provide the best and most optimized Wi-Fi Experience onboard a vessel using the narrow bandwith available via the satcom.

Port-IT Crew enables Shipowners  to provide Wi-Fi service onboard a vessel  of any size, easily, affordably, over the web. Shipowners get the flexibility to offer free or paid Wi-Fi services towards their crew members. Port-IT Crew is a plug and play device that can be connected directly to a VSAT or Fleet Broadband terminal and doesn’t need any configuration onboard. Once the unit is connected to the satcom the unit will establish a session to Port-IT to complete the registration process. No user interaction onboard is needed other than connecting a crew member’s PC or Smartphone to the Wi-Fi spot.

The Port-IT Crew internet is organized as a Self Service, which does not require any onboard administration. The solutions may utilize a range of pay per use and accounting options in a single offering. The scalability of the solution allows for multiple access points on a single vessel that may, but not need to be under one identical authorization and accounting plan.

Pebble + Port-IT Crew Wi-Fi

The Use of the Port-IT Pebble combines with Port-IT Crew provides an ideal combination of providing access to internet but minimizing overhead because of a high Satcom invoice. The Port-IT Pebble may be set to uphold a link via 3G data only, or may route it via the Satcom system as well when a connection is open by business use. The system allows for a fine grained control and the Port-IT Crew Wi-Fi assess allow for regulation of the usage.


Crew Wi-Fi explained

Onsite installations

Our onsite engineering team can provide full or assisted setup of Port-IT Crew with the onboard Satcom systems or at new installations on call. Rates and availability may be requested via the contacts option.