CIOS Pebble

CIOS Pebble

The Port-IT CIOS product line offers a 3G Wireless kit called CIOS Pebble.  It is a Router that can provide both Satellite (WAN) and 3G connectivity with an automatic failover to ensure the most efficient, maximum routing at the least cost.

The Router includes functions such as a firewall, a DHCP server and WIFI connections for mobile devices. The Router can be fully configured via a built-in, easy to use web interface.

CIOS Pebble is ideal for situations where connectivity is very important but cost management as well. It can be set to always use 3G mobile network access if available. Automatic failover to satellite link when the 3G network is unavailable may be configured; as soon as the 3G connection is back online it will then be used automatically again. A vice versa setup is also possible.

The Port-IT 3G Wireless kit is a complete package with the following features:

  • 3G Pebble Router

  • Power supply (110 – 240V)

  • UTP Cable

  • External 3G mini Antenna (indoor use only)

  • External 3G Antenna (Outdoor use only)

  • 10M antenna cable to connect the outdoor antenna.

  • EU to US power plug changer

  • 10CM shrinking hose

  • Installation instruction