About Us

About Port-IT

Port-IT has over 15 years of experience in all kinds of land mobile and maritime communication and IT solutions. Our experience in the maritime industry makes us a suitable business partner for your IT demands.

Port-IT can fulfill all your Maritime IT needs. Our well trained engineers know exactly what your needs are and can deliver the correct solution for your IT problems. IT maintenance is not your business, leave the complicated support to us and we can guarantee that your ship’s IT network is in good hands. We are capable in delivering high quality IT networks on board your vessel.

Port-IT as all-in-one maritime service provider, is lead by our 4S-concept on which we have build our company and based our activities.

  • Security

  • Services

  • Solutions

  • Standards

Through a fine and practical balance of these concepts we are able to create our solutions, bring these as services to you, our customer, while building on standards that bring stability and security.

If you need an IT maritime solution for your vessel, Port-IT is the suitable business partner for you. We can supply IT training, Network installation, Computer or Network support and we can also supply the hardware needed. Port-IT is an all in one business partner for all Maritime IT related business.

Our endeavor is to reach highest quality with our products and services to customer’s satisfaction and thus to create a solid basis for long-standing business relations.